The Adventure… Online!

We hope you enjoy this early video incarnation of Gideon, reflecting the 2020 online workshop version of the show.

The story: Gideon and the Blundersnorp was meant to premiere at the Hollywood Fringe in the summer of 2020, but fate had other plans. When theatre was put on hiatus, we created a video version of the show, featuring %100 of the adventure but with props, sets, and stage (mostly) left to the viewer’s imagination. The presentation was created via teleconferencing software, with each actor self-recording at home, and the results edited together into the spirited movie romp you see above. This version of the show differs somewhat from the that of the 2021 stage premiere, but we still think it’s lots of fun.

This production comes to you courtesy of a brave cast of thespians spanning the country from L.A. to NYC. Feast your eyes on the credits!

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