Album credits

These tracks are from the original Los Angeles cast album recording, released in 2022.

Music and lyrics by Michael Gordon Shapiro

Vocal performances: Daniel Amerman, Maggie Ek, Ember Everett, Tyler Hayes Stilwill, Jeremy Lee Staple, Emily Elizabeth Jones, Casey Alcoser, Deborah Apodaca, Jenna Luck, Kaylor Toronto.

(For more information about these lovely actor/vocalists, check out the cast list for the show’s Los Angeles premiere.)

Orchestrations: Michael Gordon Shapiro

Recorded at Clear Lake Recording Studios (North Hollywood, CA)

Recording engineer: Eric Milos

Album mixed and mastered by Matt Brownlie

2020 Online Workshop Album

There also exists a cast album of the 2020 online workshop of the show. It represents an older version of the score, so we don’t include it here. But it features some wonderful performances by a talented cast who self-recorded at home during the coronavirus pandemic. You can hear it on BandCamp.