Culver City, CA, 2024 — Culver City Public Theater

We’re pleased to relay that “Gideon” will be produced by Culver City Public Theatre as part of their Summer 2024 lineup! Averi Quinn Yorek will be directing.

The production will be outdoors — perfect for a show that takes place at a stables and in a dark forest. This will be the musical’s first Southern California production since its original award-winning run at the 2021 Hollywood Fringe.

“Gideon” will run Saturdays and Sundays at noon from Jul 13 through August 4th. For more information (and eventually, tickets!) visit CPPT’s website.

Daniel Amerman
Maggie Ek
Ember Everett
The Troubadour
Tyler Hayes Stilwill
Trent the Bandit Leader
Jeremy Lee Staple
Sir Hallock
Emily Elizabeth Jones
Casey Alcoser
Master Trammel
Deborah Apodaca
Spike the Bandit
Jenna Luck
Raven the Bandit
Kaylor Toronto
Scrub the Bandit
The Blundersnorp
The Blundersnorp


Matt Toronto
Elise Dewsberry
Michael Gordon Shapiro
Michael Gordon Shapiro
Book, music, lyrics
Thomas Craig Buckley
Music director
Edward Hansen
Production designer
Denise Barrett
Costume designer
Beth Wallan
Stage Manager
Nathan D. Lee
Live sound manager
Alen Yen
Show logo designer

Co-producers: Dr. Ian Lane Davis, George Adams, The Markley Family

Publicity: Jim Martyka
Production photography: Matt Kamimura
Special thanks: New Musicals Inc, Jordan Toronto

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